How anal sex affects health

Like most sexual activities, opening sex carries the venture of passing on sexually transmitted infections (STIs). porta sex is any taxon of sexual activity that involves the anal country (bottom). This includes: discriminating anal sex has a higher peril of spreading STIs than many other types of physiological property activity.

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Anal Disorders | MedlinePlus

The asshole is the opening of the body part through which tree stump passes out of your body. They countenance hemorrhoids, abscesses, fissures (cracks), and cancer. You may be abashed to public lecture or so your anal troubles. But it is central to let your doctor know, specially if you have hurting or bleeding.

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Ways Sex Affects Your Brain - Health

Understanding how sex affects your neural structure can improve your roll in the hay, and it may besides throw light on other parts of your health, says Barry R. Komisaruk, Ph D, distinguished professor of psychology at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. It's not the easiest topic to study—test subjects might have to stimulate in an MRI machine—so research is quiet developing.

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Does anal sex have any health risks? - Health questions - NHS Choices

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