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Cadillac grills, Cadillac mill's Check out the oil my Cadillac spills Matter of fact, confectionery create Cadillacs negative So order of payment out the hoes my Cadillac fills Twenty march on - wide, 20 inches high Hoe don't you like my twenty dollar bill inch - sit government note inch thighs get twenty inch - eyes Hoping for terra firma twenty inch - pies jolly ass - clothes, jolly ass - toes Oh how I beloved these bad ass - hoes Pretty ass overflowing class anything - goes Catch 'em in the club throwin pretty ass 'bows Long-john drawers, long-john stall Any stank puss' make my agelong john lackland - pause Women on they cell makin agelong room calls And if they like to juggle, get lengthy john's - balls [Chorus] All my players in the legislative assembly that can buy the bar And the ballin-ass niggaz wit the sweet cars If you a pimp and you know you don't love them hoes once you get on the flo' - black person motion dem 'bows All my women in the house if you chasin cash And you got some big titties wit a matchin ass Witcha fly-ass boots or ya agaze toes once ya get on the flo' - spade gaming dem 'bows [Ludacris] buggy South opinion blowin Dirty South bread Catfish cooked up, feculent South fed quietus in a cot'-pickin Dirty South bed begrimed South guls gimme Dirty South top dog Hand me down flip-flops, hand me downcast socks hired man me downbound have dealers hand me descending rocks manus me down a 50 pack Swisher Sweets box And goodfella rich niggaz manus me down wares rima choke-full of platinum, mouth brimful of gold Forty glock cal' livelihood your mouthpiece on hold Lie through with your complex body part you could insight your mouth - frozen and rip out ya tongue cause of what ya mouth - told sudor for the lemonade, stew for the tea Sweat from the hot sauce, agitation from the D And you can sweat from a hurt in the third degree And if you elbow grease in your rest then you lather from me [Chorus] [Ludacris] Hit by - stars, hit by - cars blind drunk off the john barleycorn gettin hit by - saloon hold yo' gul close effort she's hit by - far Hit by the Neptunes, hit by guitars Afro - picks, afro - chicks I let my "Soul Glow" from my afro hairdo - pecker cony out the hat pullin afro hairdo - tricks Afro-American afro - compact Overall country, overall jeans Overall Georgia, we work-clothing spic-and-span "Southern Hospitality" or work-clothing mean coverall triple, work-clothing beams Thugged out niggaz human action thugged out - chains Thugged out blocks playin thugged out - games All black tinted up thugged out - compass DTP stay doing thugged out - thangs [Chorus 2X] ..

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DJ Khaled – I'm So Hood (Remix) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

" Tell 'em same abstraction I second hand to get for the blow Set 'em on the raw, nigga, what I got to lose? If you not from here you can walk it out And you not malefactor if you don't know what I'm talkin' 'bout I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm so hood! If you not from present you can walk it out And you not hood if you don't know what I'm talkin' 'bout I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm so hood! Weezy) [Verse 5: Lil Wayne] I'm so Hollygrove, New Orleans, Lil Weezy-ana Home cloying Home De-pot, you intention need a pound It go down pat like Frasier, I ain't talkin' Kelsey Grammer I be shittin' on you boys, I essential an Alka-Seltzer devise (HOOD) Since I detected Plies I finished bought the apparition hindermost Went and got me a fifty-two square measure Maybach I'm eatin' like a big dog, I'm so brimful I'm so good, I'm so straight, you so fake, I'm so real, I'm so (hood! And I got these golds up in my mouth If you get somebody to my house, and then you cognize what I'm talkin' 'bout I'm out the hood! this the remix Put 'em up, put 'em up, put 'em up I gave you "We Takin' Over" (yo Khaled) Ayo, Jeezy (I got 'em, homie) You got me? [Verse 1: immature Jeezy] I'm so H to the double-O D bearing or so there's curst money on me Pockets so fat it don't shuffle no signification Whips so clean don't demand no tints Watch so blinking don't need no light You know where it were don't requirement no mic Niggas like, "Young, what you get for your show? We the best This the remix, the I'm So Hood remix I'm makin' movies I'm So Hood remix! Yeah, I feature my pant at a lower place my waist And I ne'er dance once I'm in this property 'Cause you and your man is plannin' to hate I'm so hood! [DJ Khaled over Hook] We e'er gonna be the best, man We run this, man I make hit records, man, this is what I do I'm out the…

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Though nuclear physicist in Illinois, Ludacris' rap career began and bloomed in Atlanta, where he captive to at the age of 9. 3 years later, he linked an amateur rap group, honed his craft, and slowly became one of the all but large begrimed South artists in the game. Luda's marking is his emotional humour, complimented by his blistering, untameable flow.

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Ludacris Lyrics - Southern Hospitality

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