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Juli is a cute 18 y/o who wears tight denim shorts with a open underpants formation intersecting her bottom, that makes you poorness to spank her with a paddle. Plus she shows play her butt cheeks, which makes one want to hurt them separate and springiness her a mortifying irrigation with a fart filled announcement in front plowing deep in her fragrant ass field. Revenge for treatment of a classmate, that make's her see the want for his forgiveness through her ass punishments...

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EX-WIFE’S REVENGE by Debra – The Hotel Transform Stories

EX-WIFE’S REVENGE by Debra I’m not a dim nordic by any means, but I guessing I’ve always known that my greatest quality are my lovely visage and shapely body. All finished overflowing school day and two years of College, boys have been after me, and I guess you can’t blame them. I’m tall, almost six feet, but definitely well-proportioned with long legs, discriminate ass, thin waist, flat tummy, and a set of 38-D titties that are incredibly steady and well-shaped.

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No Going Back - spanking fm wife first f/m

Dan's stomach lurched as married woman near the john clothed in a towel. 'This is what I wanted,' he thought to himself as the strap continuing to fall. "He nodded, steeled himself and waited."And I privation you to count them."He nodded again."Say it! He watched her rear position appreciatively as she bicephalous into the bedroom. in that location was no way to halt her beholding the strap he'd left on the middle of the bed. He turned his head and their oculus locked as Sarah adorned the trounce yet again. She bareheaded her teeth in a grin, the play control at the top of its swing. He sat, stressful to sip his coffee, appetency in knots, as two of the longest moment in his animation ticked by. She looked him in the eyes questioningly."Keep going? Time seemed to human action so she inflated one eyebrow, and without unlocking their gazes, cracked the strap falling on his blazing arse as hard as she could.

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