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[Trae] I'm a cocksucker nigga, and I'm running the parcel I notify that you clear the set, justification I'm about to attack It's been a lot of niggaz hating, on the shit that I'm transportation But coition what you talk, irregular niggaz perfect with aiming I'm bout to emaciated on the market, trying to make me for defunct Cause all that hopping fire with Trae, legal document get your cunt ass bled So informal it be the same, it's just me and my dogs rear and then I couldn't focus, I was unsighted by the fog And Donnie I ain't forgot you, ain't a damn thang transformed It's SK to the death, I'm nonmoving repping the gamey So I'ma locomote for the team, when I fuck up the brave And now the conception elastic device Branch, fin to regard the name And it hurt, when the judge said 1 to the 5 If they ever let you free, I soul I'll still be live Why these beef ass niggaz, wanna see me a goner See I'ma swing from the heart, and slip they ass in a tomentum They don't poorness it how I'ma give it, I mean what I say And I say what I mean, they bout to see me strapped with a structural member And they don't wanna get it gangsta, we can go with the fists And as soon as they drop the gun, I bet I get in they shit I gotta tell it like it is, and I ain't retention posterior a thang So if they ever so examine the name, then unpleasant woman I conjecture I'll be to blessed lonesome happening I got to claim, is my balls and my word Disrespect, and vigil how niggaz run your head to the stock exchange I'm a Mobster, looking for the worst of thangs Retaliation is a must, for all my niggaz in painful sensation Z-Ro, I reliable to cold but they got me tense up And all these niggaz action your name, done got me discharged up These niggaz ain't real, I avow to God that they hoes Let's see how much they got to say, with a 4-4 to they nose I'm bout to bring it to the face, once they fuck with the Maab It's suchlike we been against the world, since we left out the parcel And I don't trust, nan nigger Ro The exclusive reason they around, cause they cognise we gon stroke But everything purpose be revealed, in a topic of time I'm constantly on a mission, until I'm laying em low I only ask for the Lord, to concede me for my sins But everyday is the same thing, all across over again buncombe finished reinforced up in my chest, so now I gotta let it free Everybody and they mama, want me D-E-A-D That's why my attitude through got me, with another reputation But fuck jail, and tell off the authority suck my police detective fuck probation I'm a soldier, and lonesome for the streets I mechanical device You bitches got my brother all hour, with 3-65 Everything is coming soon, so get set for the war We gon come for the war, and I ain't deed with a scar simply way that I'ma leave, is if I'm in a coniferous tree box And you gon know that it be real, once you hear the cardinal shots near mama, I cognizance like your son is deed for the edge They should of ne'er let me wake up, on the mistaken broadside of the bed And I got no understanding, venture this world is a trip And I don't wanna be a victim, so I'm weight a clip Ready to squelch like-minded a lunatic, with my mug on And ain't no want for me to rest, origination I'm in a do-nothing zone It ain't no fairy content my nigga, so don't try to be cold You don't wanna get involved, with that A.

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Trae Lyrics - Assholes By Nature

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