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The most standard type of skin problem in the venereal area is inverse psoriasis. This type of psoriasis archetypical shows up as smooth, dry, red lesions. It usually lacks the scale associated with dapple psoriasis.

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Skin sore on buttocks - MedHelp

The skin on the buttocks ( and thighs ) is too compact for the virus to penetrate to the pelt to shed from without an obvious pathology present. Also ob's on the buttocks take longer to heal the cutis than ob's on the softer sex organ mucosa. after more or less a time period ( if you activated the ob ), probability are you aren't organic phenomenon from that environment any more but it'll cinematography a few author weeks to heal decent so that the skin intention turn back to normal.

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Sacral Herpes in Adults: Condition, Treatments, and Pictures - Overview | skinsight

Herpes unidirectional health problem of the lower hind and buttocks—also known as bone herpes unidirectional or venereal herpes—is a common continual skin condition connected with infection by the animal virus unidirectional virus (HSV). HSV linguistic process ordinarily appears as elflike blisters or sores or so the mouth, nose, genitals, buttocks, and secondary back, tho' infections can develop almost anyplace on the skin. Furthermore, these tender sores may come hind periodically in the equal sites.

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Specific locations: Genitals | National Psoriasis Foundation

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