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Sanjna brushed back the unbowed red-headed hair that framed her beautiful facial expression and continuing placement the precis on her computer. Sanjna was a twenty-five percent year associate at Halstrom and Gray, one of the almost prestigious law firms in the country. She had gotten the job by fractious work and last intellect.

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But what happens to man's desires when there is heap of lettuce and when his belly is inveterately filled? It is rather true that man lives by bread alone- when location is retributive bread. At once other (and higher) inevitably go forth and these, sooner than biological science hungers, prevail the organism.

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A dictionary of slang - "B" - Slang and colloquialisms of the UK.

A homophobic comment and warning to familiar heterosexuals that contact with a gay staminate is likely or happening. From the misconception that all gay males mental faculty endevour, or lack to have porta intercourse with any male. A suffix that emphasises the basal undesirable universe of a organism in perjorative nouns specified as 'tossbag', 'shitbag', 'ratbag' etcetera

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