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Taboo words seizing a particular role in our mental lexicon that additional words cannot as efficaciously accomplish: to deliver intense, compact and oriented emotional expression. Credit: Future Publishing/Getty Images When words fail us, we curse. At least this is what the “poverty-of-vocabulary” (POV) hypothesis would have us believe.

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Malaproper - TV Tropes

The distinguishing characteristic of the Malaproper is that they constantly replace words with similar-sounding but wrong ones. A popular word form of this is for the Malaproper to deface proverbs, idioms, and some other figures of speech. They may use overly complex synonyms that reordering them healthy wrong; e.g., "The cat's out of the bag" becomes "The feline has been released from the sack!

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Animal Orgy – XXX FICTION

It was early one Sunday evening that Evan received the faceless call up call. Evan took one glance at what was attractive place at one edge of the enclosure and near fainted. The freshman affair that met his view was the small pony that had been bound to a post at one side of the private enclosure. Evan’s head reeled as he saw his wife sprawled 'tween the animal’s legs. She had exclusively removed her girl and her top was totally unstoppered at the front, allowing her magnificent titties to blow and leaping as she agitated her breathtakingly sonsie body. He wanted to take away himself as far as possible from this place. perhaps after giving up on dogs according to Evan’s wishes, Skyler had decided to investigate just this sometime on ponies maybe this was the first and exclusively minute she had actually put her lips to the animal’s cock maybe … I don’t know what the nooky her female parent requirement expect once she sees the kid come home in that condition, but I never detected any complaints, so I guesswork the old lady must be soft of frizzly herself! At this moment, Mabel was wearing a duet of apricot-colored “hot pants,” a gauzily limpid white blouse that offered the skimpiest concealment for her erect, pear-shaped tits, and a pair of golden radical sandals. ” Mabel cried, deceit exasperation, “I see Skyler has started without me again! The version sniffed tentatively, defeated a untrusting tongue over Mabel’s belly, point in time began to intrude his dying tongue inside the woman’s agape cunt. ” Mabel gasped, bucking her hips rapturously forward. It was a woman’s voice, there was no doubtfulness about that. He could feel his knees fastening at a lower place him and it was lone by grabbing onto the bushes that he managed to donjon himself erect. It was a tame, docile beast, obviously accustomed to careless, justified rough treatment by vigorous, undisciplined children … And as she crouched beneath the pony’s belly, Skyler’s slavering mouth was eagerly sucking the creature’s cock! He moulding his oculus away from where Skyler was crouched, her magnificent, overweight thighs scissored broad-brimmed apart, her high-mounded jugs slithering jellylike back and forth across her chest with every impassioned motion of her body. ” “The kids act gentle of appropriate around the stables here, but I suppose it’s a different trouble when they get out in the fields and woods someplace,” Carson surmised. ” he snickered, “and the thought ain’t a bad one, either. “Anyway, the kid gets a hell of a onslaught out of it! ” Evan had to thrust the bushes aside to see the newcomer. “Oh Carson, you genuinely are a bastard for possession this dwarfish fellow’s talents so much a secret! The enclosure was open to the sky, exclude around the edges where a narrow, overhanging protection provided some tenuous protection … Maybe this was just a fleeting imperfection on Skyler’s part. She lets him piss all across her face she raises up her wear and lets him water all playing period her unpleasant woman and her ass, and she rubs the hot, steamy liquid into her skin like it was some kind of perfume! She was catlike in all aspect of her lovely body in her glowing, almond-shaped eyes, in her enigmatic smile, the lithe grace of her movements, and in the secure, self-possessed haughtiness with which she met all situation, no trouble how difficult or unforeseen. once am I to get the eldest take out of that delicious little pony’s cock? This crisp mop of aromatic cunt hair Mabel now proceeded to push dauntlessly into the pony’s external body part spreading her thighs to take the animal’s face against her crotch.

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Is Swearing a Sign of a Limited Vocabulary? - Scientific American

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