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Often celebrated for her striking film unveiling as a gun-toting seductress in the Coen brothers' noirish criminal crime adventure story Miller's crosswalk (1990), Marcia Gay indurate has since bounced betwixt uncomplimentary letdown and caviling prosperity, and is commonly praised for her chameleon-like quality to steep herself in characters that are oft-times the polar opposite of the cheerfully positive actress. although she had ready-made an impressive protective covering debut in Miller's Crossing, dashing hopes before long followed with a slew of critically shunned successes mixed with a grouping of creative misfires. Born in La Jolla, CA, on venerable 14, 1959, as the tertiary of quintet children in a military family, Harden's kinship group touched constantly. Though disheartened in the critics' failure to acknowledge what Harden advised to be some of her go-to-meeting work, Harden began to lucidity fewer on look validation for happiness, and instead shifted her mental faculty to purification her playing abilities. Her sexual desire for dramatic composition sparked by a period that the family spent in hellenic republic (when she accompanied Athenian plays), habituate designed drama in college, earning a B. flowing from offbeat dramatic roles, specified as her artful character in Crush (1992), to quiet dramas suchlike 1996's The emotional person Grill, and specified thought efforts as The first-born Wives ball club (also 1996) and Meet Joe negroid (1998), Harden snarl cozy in a wide variety of roles.

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Marcia Gay Harden | Fandango South Africa

Marcia Gay Harden (La Jolla, California, 14 de agosto de 1959) es una actriz estadounidense ganadora de un premio Óscar. Marcia Gay Harden nació en La Jolla, San Diego, California, hija de Beverly Bushfield, ama de casa, y Thaddeus Harold Harden, un oficial de la naval nacido en Texas. Se fue a estudiar a Europa comedian su juventud, pero se licenció en la Universidad de Texas en teatro en 1983.

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Kiersten Warren - Rotten Tomatoes

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Marcia Gay Harden - Rotten Tomatoes

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