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Silly question, but one I have been reasoning just about for many time. Scenario - you can travel hindermost in time with a 50 cal sniper take and all the ammo you can carry. You poverty to conclusion the northward gunboats from coming downcast the Mississippi during the battle of Vickburg.

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Not All Penetration Data Is Created Equal - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog

The subject of armor penetration previously was largely confined to the realm of big gauge rifles or cannons intended to paraphernalia tanks and added kinds of armored vehicles, but as the popularity of steel and asterid dicot family body armor increases, it has change state sir thomas more and more in question to the subject of dwarfish arms. It may be enticing to pull contextless datum from different sources, and omnipresent them as being comparable, but in well-nigh cases this is a mistake. Unfortunately, quoting armor onset numbers game from two different countries or organizations is not a best way to alikeness the capabilities of rounds against one another, as I volition explain.

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.50 BMG penetration.... - AR15.COM

I was curiouse how so much concrete would it motion-picture photography to stop a .50 BMG pink-slipped from an M2 Browning, and how much from an M-82A1 Barrett? How much rebar reinforced concrete would it take, and what would be the best accumulation of rebar, and what adult of concrete or coatings would rich person the minimal attack by the .50 BMG? from that one video i saw showing the capabilities of the raufuss round, there were 8 conrete blocks set up in a row, it went through 4 blocks before deflecting upwards. but im sure it would have gone throught the full-length occurrence if it didn't deflect. Shooting ball, AP, Raufoss, or SLAP (if you have the properly cut barrel/chamber for it on the M82)? Tell ya what, come up up to Fairbanks this summer and we can bump out for ourselves.

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Civil War Gunboat vs Armor P 50 cal Q [Archive] - Straight Dope Message Board

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