Pipe penetrations in exist concrete wall

Wall entry sleeves supply a corrosion-resistant sealing skin-deep for tubing penetrating floors, walls, foundation, or any practical barrier. The sleeves, offered in PVC and galvanized steel, include a 2” water-stop to provide some steadiness and protection against moisture penetrating the wall. The steel and PVC sleeves are without delay available from standard in 2” through 30” length sizes at 12” lengths.

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Condenser Performance Improvement Through Innovative Cleaning and Leak Detection Technologies

Condensers are one part of the power building complex where the technology is excavation defined and the benefits of obligation a fresh electrical device are easily determined. Condenser mending is a "pay me now or pay me later" proposition. The belief of condenser commercial activity is sanely straightforward.

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An Overview of the 2012 Energy Code | GreenBuildingAdvisor.com

Image 1 of 8 Cold-climate builders: get ready for mandatory foam sheathing. The 2012 global codes will require new homes in frigorific climates to have out-of-door foam sheathing, or whatsoever similar layer of continuous insulation that interrupts outflow bridging finished studs. UPDATED and CORRECTED on 9/22/2011 Are you waiting for the 2012 code?

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Wall Penetration Sleeves from Metraflex

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