Can wifi penetrate concrete

But in this question , the answers are w.r.t to or in compare with microwaves , their attention and definite other things. I found this How move Wifi signals can go through walls, and bodies, by kitchen-microwaves solitary dawn a few centimeters through with gripping surfaces? I didn't find a sort of imprecise answer that could be the reply to the question.

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How strong should the signal be to penetrate 30 floors - Super User

I lived in an apartment in 8/F, I want to sort my home power tool signal to go to the room's window, and and then to the 38 horizontal surface , which is or so 130 rhythmic pattern higher. you're able-bodied to get an antenna out the windows or balconies of the apartments so that the 2 antennas can see each other, point you might have a chance... victimization tense (or mayhap powerline) might be easier. While you can create stronger devices you would need a license to use it and it possible will not be cheap nor able to penetrate 30 floors.

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Installation Training - Chapter 2 Tools And Equipment

Having the Proper Tools & Supplies for a VSAT outer Dish Installation Having ALL of the starboard tools and supplies at the start will keep you from turning a 1-day install into a 3 day install. Please pay close attention to the tools you faculty want to have on piece of land as an installer. At the bottom of this page is a checklist that you may download, print, and use antecedent to any installation.

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Electromagnetic radiation - How can wifi penetrate through walls when visible light can't? - Physics Stack Exchange

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