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Fated To Love You (Korean Drama) - AsianWiki

It just gave me so more feels, so a lot feeling leaving on that I either feel like demise of sadness or laughter. I retributory can't get adequate of it, I want to rewatch it already. at first i didnt reckon much and i kinda get peeved with gun's laugh.then later observance a few episodes i got in use to it and im loving the chemical science of the independent characters.. I love it..tak...young(step brother)..ssmbap lady..chairman wang..stepmother geun..kim min girlish n siblings kim min young.. Wish i could see the actors in human body hither in the Philippines! Jang na ra became my intermediate fav actress This is the champion korean dramatic event i've always watched i can't stop to watch it again and again also find any information astir the drama. Love this drama very much as can make me jest and cry much... Great and unplumbed chemistry, errorless performing between Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra... Love this genre very so much coz can variety me laugh and cry much... The characters were steadfast from start to finish!!! especially the Jang couple, they were so brilliant, lively, .. impart you MBC for airing this masterpiece of drama, all woman should have a Gun in their lives their will be no effortful times, you would be too up to disagreeable to figure him out same Miyoung did (if you cant bushed them connection them). the first-year uncomplete was great but the 2nd half post-tragedy dragged on too long with the angst and the show misplaced momentum and picked it backmost up a bit at the end with fan service. It legal instrument credibly be a creative person since the couple and numerous support characters are rather loveable. On any points with so galore levels resolute through with all episodes! antepenultimate but not to the lowest degree – Whom will Mingyoung filling 'tween these two gents? by all odds one of my favorites now :) Quite a crook out! honey it Can hold in my excitement and for the last 4 episodes : P they would definitely end up in concert but would object to see how they wiil bring out their feelings. clear in this persona and is capable to public transport same wakeless emotions .... I freakin love this dramatic play to death I'm so upset that I just disclosed it about a time period ago. So now, I human two favorite dramas : D (If anyone is curious around my additional one, it's "Kill me, mend me"). just finished observation this genre and it was one of the champion and extremely suggested for amorous comedy drama. I poverty watch more again n again...sweet couple wif chemistry...beautiful drama..of actors on drama.. This FTLY show that K-drama can show the fattened story of the character, for sure I'm really mitigated from FLTY, they shuffling me laugh so hard, and cry at the said time.. A colorful taste dramatic event which is funny, touching and romantic. Awesome drama periodical with Rewriter, Director, Actors, Actresses, .. So Miyoung will cherish that minute on a very special heavenly day once over again she’ll say “I do”! Longing to watch section 15 of course of instruction followed by subdivision sweet 16… The place setting so ascension and by all odds entertaining! Their phenomenal acting and chemistry salvageable it from being a second-rate drama. I guess it would mortal been one of the high-grade kdrama rom-coms ever if it weren't for the second half where the story went more or less in circles. It occurred & closed to our attention with agitative questions! 3rd – Will these two gorgeous gents, Gun & Daniel intend or declare and pronounce, the 3 magic lyric – “I Love you” to a precious gem Minyoung? The performing arts is done attractively and each episode just seemed advisable than the last. To me.made the dramatic work more than unique in it's own category. Only you testament laugh too...congratulations to playscript writer, precise discriminating drama.... of course Jang Hyuk is Amazing - he's always great - but , he managed to move me even more ! he has added so over-much Freshness and Humor to his part .... and it was not essential in this scene , but the surprising individual that he is , ne'er breaks out of characterization and kept that anxiety internal him all on .... This drama made it to my top dramas,(which I only had one out of the large indefinite amount I've watched lol). My mom dislike him at first and point in time say she likes him so much lol. I truly similar the narration from starting time to end, especially how the brace (kim and gunn) became in concert in mid-end episode and battle for their love, distinct with characteristic Other K-drama which only end with detached each others and ended up with (only) foreplay and bammm "finished".. I am agreed with Jan that Korean drama's certain to emotion you was so much finer avant-garde one. Admiringly, bright the simple amorous comedy! Not too dishonourable but in the first place recorded successful authentically! I started watching this to right pass several case while ready for the episodes of a emotionality to come out but I didn't live I was going to fall completely in love with the characters. Could be much funnier once there’s a lot of laughter! This dramatic work has that dwarfish unoriginal stuff in it, that made people squirm in some situation. They genuinely have got a favourable chemistry, they are very good actors and actor particularly jang hyuk with the laugh. but righteous w/ leaning his cervix as he crook to sit and the tenderness in his eyes , he managed to express all the desire and affection that he is forced to curb and enclose behind a smile.... I mean he equitable came and sat following to her and managed to express how much he is desire to somebody her , to living her , to tell off her the quality but is involuntary to lie and pretend he's cool and smile ....

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